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St.Lucia Weather provides information on Sea surface temperature, Air temperature, Precipitation, wind 10m above surface, peak wave period, significant wave height, satellite and infrared imaging for weather in St.Lucia and the Caribbean.
The months between June and August are the summer months in St.Lucia with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s Fahrenheit. Most holidaymakers and cruise ship passengers travel to St.Lucia between December and April during the milder winter season.
Casual, light colored clothing are the ideal fashion for St.Lucia weather. People who are easily susceptible to mosquito bites should wear longer clothing to cover arms and legs. Beachwear is frowned upon in towns and cities and should be reserved for the beach.
St.Lucia Weather is an online weather forecast map for St.Lucia. The 5 day St.Lucia weather forecast allows you to plan your days in advance. The rain precipitation satellite map is an excellent guide for rain prediction as well as sunny weather to plan your day at the beach.

St.Lucia has a warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees C (70 degrees F) to 32 degrees C (90 degrees F). The dry period is from December to May and the rainy season in summer and towards the end of the year from June to November. During the rainy Season in St.Lucia, there may occur infrequent tropical storms and hurricanes.

The tropical climate is ideal for the lush flora and fauna found in St.Lucia. The tropical Rain-forest is a favorite attraction for visitors to St.Lucia and is located throughout the central region of the island. A trip to the botanical gardens in Soufriere and Micoud illustrates the large variety of tropical plants and flowers found in St.Lucia.

The hottest weather months in St.Lucia occurs in June, July and August and is enjoyed by visitors to St.Lucia looking to improve their tan, scuba-diving and beach activities. During the rainy season, St.Lucia experiences an explosion of vibrant colours, throughout the island. Casual light colored clothing is the best dress mode for St.Lucia.

St.Lucia enjoys year round sunshine. Some months are hotter than others with all hotels providing AC or cooling fans in all rooms. Apart from the rainy season, there are short spells of rain, normally lasting a few minutes and the sunshine then returns, which means that St.Lucia weather can be enjoyed at any time of year. St.Lucia Weather Mobile has a full 7 day St.Lucia Weather forecast and daily forecasts for the next 8 hours.
St.Lucia Weather provides a Calendar of events guide to daily activities in St.Lucia. What to do and where to go in St.Lucia.

The St.Lucia Calendar of events for St.Lucia Weather includes Friday Night and Weekend Activities, St.Lucia Carnival and St.Lucia Jazz dates and event times and dates for daily events throughout the year in St.lucia.

Just click on any particular day on the interactive calendar from St.Lucia Weather for a full list of daily events and activities in St.Lucia.

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